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Program Handbook




Preschool Staff + Parents + Children =


“A Winning Team”









Philosophy – Laton’s preschool philosophy is based on the following beliefs:


  • A childs attitude towards learning is enhanced by positive, early learning experiences that are appropriate to the childs developmental level.
  • Children need opportunities to interact, learn from, and are appreciated by others, and to explore and meaningfully interact with the world around them.
  • Children learn best by being actively involved in the learning process.
  • Childrens interests and talents are readily applied in learning when they have opportunities to initiate their own learning activities.
  • A preschool program must support the childs self-esteem and pride in family, community, ethnic heritage, and linguistic heritage.
  • Children need to use their primary language and need to be encouraged to learn a second language as a means to promote interaction in a bilingual environment.
  • Parents are viewed as partners in providing educational services to children.


Overview – The preschool staff will actively work with parents in providing a child-centered preschool program designed to facilitate each child’s social/emotional, physical, cognitive, language, and creative development in a safe and supportive environment.  The Frog Street (ABC’s, Numbers, Shapes, Colors) Alphatales, Numbertales 1-10, Desired Results, and Progress Reports (Beginning, Mid, End) are used for Preschool Curriculum Assessments, which emphasizes active learning with a balance between child-initiated and adult-initiated activities and will be used as the basis for the child’s preschool experience.  Laton’s multilingual, multicultural and developmental curriculum approach will be based on each child’s background of experience.  Through regular planning and evaluation sessions, the staff will provide activities, generate strategies, and supply materials to challenge children’s emerging abilities to develop and pursue their interests and talents.



Please bring your child in comfortable, washable clothes, as the program is active and many activities are messy.  Each child’s garments should be marked with his/her first and last name as so many children have clothing that is alike.  The staff will not be responsible for unmarked clothing.  Each family is responsible for bringing an extra set of clothing for emergencies.  It is the responsibility of the parents to bring children to the center in clean clothes.  Children should be bathed at home on a daily basis and hair should be kept clean.  Because of their busy schedule, the preschool staff cannot take care of these basic cleanliness matters.


Please do not permit your child to bring toys, food, or other items to the center.  We will not be responsible for lost articles.  Food is allowed on Food Friday and toys on Show-N-Tell Day.



Our school hours are from 8:15 to 11:15 for morning classes and from 12:15 to 3:15  for afternoon classes.  Please remember that there is no one to supervise your child before and after class.  Teachers and aides need this time to prepare for daily activities in the classroom.  School doors will be opened at 8:10 AM and 12:10 PM.  In order to provide a safe arrival and pick up for our students, all parents will be required to park outside the preschool gates.


Students must be signed in and out daily by the parent or authorized adult (FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME), daily attendance logs are located at the front of the classrooms.  Be sure you authorize someone to pick up your child if you cannot pick him/her up.  Persons picking up your child MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER.  Staff members are not scheduled to care for your child after preschool sessions and your child may not remain unsupervised.  Any person picking up a child must be on the emergency card, if not send a note, no phone calls will be accepted.                                                                                                                                                3

A student is considered to be a “late pick up” when classes have been out for 15 minutes past the regular time and no one has picked the student up.  The teachers will be documenting all early arrivals and late pick-ups, if this becomes a persistent problem.



The Preschool Center is not permitted to give medication to your child unless specific regulations are met.  If your child is under a doctor’s care and he/she prescribes medicine, which must be taken during the day, contact the Supervising Teacher to make special arrangements for this.


In case an emergency occurs and you cannot be located, we will follow the directions you have given on the Emergency Procedure Card.  Please be sure the directions are what you really want done.  If your child has an accident at the Center, we will attempt to contact you.  If you are not available, we will contact emergency services or take your child to the nearest doctor or to the doctor you have indicated on the Emergency Procedure Card.


Health education is also a part of our program.  Children will learn to live in a healthy manner.  They will practice cleanliness and safety.  They will see slides, films, hear stories, and are constantly alerted to safe ways in which to do things.



Children who have lice will be excluded from the Center, until the parents have treated the child, in an appropriate manner.  Lice are very contagious.  Sometimes it may be necessary to treat all family members and your home to insure that the lice will not return.  Your child’s teacher will check your child’s hair after treatment and before he/she will be allowed to return to class.



When a student is absent, you need to write the reason on the sign-in/sign-out sheet; you may also write a note signed by the parent indicating the reason for the absence.  This will serve as verification for us.


An excused absence is: (1) illness of the child or parent, (2) quarantine of the child or parent, (3) family emergency requiring the parent and therefore the child, and (4) court order visitation or a reason which is clearly in the best interest of the child.  All other absences, not listed above, are “unexcused absences”.  *Except for the children referred for protective services excused absences “in the best interest of the child” are limited to ten (10) days per year.  If a child has more than 3 unexcused absences that child may be dropped from the program.


According to the Department of Social Services regulations a child cannot be accepted into the center until it has been determined that the child is without obvious signs of illness such as fever, vomiting, cold, flu, lice, etc.  The parent must remain with the child until the child is accepted.  Once the child has been determined to be without obvious signs of illness and has been accepted, the parent must then sign the child in.  (101326.10)      


Memos/letters/notices to parents are all in their primary language.  Items of interest are posted on the bulletin board.  Parent Advisory Committee meetings are held where information is shared and training is given.  Parent Conferences, formal and informal, are held in which information is given on ways parents can help their children at home.




Evaluation studies of preschool programs have indicated that children whose parents become involved in their education make greater measurable gains.  Therefore, parents are strongly encouraged to participate regularly in the classroom and attend parent meetings.  The Laton Unified School District has a policy that all volunteers must be fingerprinted and have a Tuberculosis skin test.   



Parent Involvement and Education means those activities specifically designed to include parents in the education of their children, help parents participate in the program and enhance their understanding of child development.

  • Parent Orientation that includes topics such as program goals, objectives and parent handbook.
  • Attend at least two parent teacher conferences during the school year.
  • Attend monthly parent meetings.
  • Encourage parents to get fingerprinted to participate in school activities and if unable to get fingerprinted, ask teacher of other means of volunteering. 
  • Involvement in Parent Advisory Committee that advises on planning of preschool activities.
  • Read notes and flyers that children bring home to stay up to date with what is going on in school.
  • Assessment of program by parents using Desired Results for Children and Families Parent Survey.



The Preschool Program will be greatly improved with your help:

  • Help with homework and read library books. 
  • Visit the Center as often as you can.  Watch your child working with the teachers and other children.  See how much the children can do for themselves.
  • Help with Food Fridays.
  • Volunteer some of your time.  Come to the Center and help.  Children always need another hand to hold, a person to show their successes, someone to talk to, sooth their hurts, and/or to share their happiness.
  • Ask your children about their day at the Center.  Repeat some of the activities you have seen at the Center.
  • Make instructional materials at home (Example:  Prepare activities at home).



Please remember that children who are not enrolled in our program do not belong in the classroom.  Additional children are frequently distracting to the class.  If you have other children, who are not yet ready for our program, please try to arrange for a babysitter.  We value your participation and contribution to our program.



Volunteers are an important part of our program whether they are parent volunteers or come to us from other sources.  Below is a list of ways in which you can help:

    1. Directing small group activities.
    2. Helping serve snack/Food Friday
    3. Helping with art activities.
    4. Supervising playground activities.
    5. Working with individual students.
    6. Assisting students with clean up.
    7. Preparing classroom materials at home.
    8. Sitting and having conversations with children at snack and lunch.
    9. Providing transportation to other parents on field trips and assisting on field trips.
    10. Helping with special activities.
    11. Serving on parent committees.                                                                                                     5
    12. Helping with fund raising projects.
    13. Helping orient new parents into the program.
    14. Attending and supporting preschool functions.


On special occasions we encourage parents to bring a wholesome nutritious snack for the class, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, crackers, cereal, etc.  We are trying to stay away from high sugar foods except for very special occasions.  Better yet, come in some day and prepare a snack in the classroom.



    1. Sit down to work whenever possible.
    2. Avoid unnecessary conversation with other adults in the room or yard.
    3. Print childrens name on the upper left-handed side of the paper using manuscript writing.
    4. At mealtime have a quiet conversation with the children at your table. 
    5. During outdoor activities go where the children are.  Adults should be spaced throughout the yard.
    6. Go to a child and get his attention before giving directions.  Please do not talk across the room.    
    7. Speak quietly.
    8. Let children do things for themselvesserve their own food, do their own artwork.
    9. Avoid commands and orders.  Describe the situation.  Say, Your book is on the floor, instead of, Pick up your book.
    10. Praise by stating facts.  Say, You shared the blocks with John, or You cleaned the table, instead ofYou are a good boy.

Our volunteer hours are valuable to us and need to be recorded.  You an also record the hours spent at home on the volunteer sheet posted in each classroom.



The children will be provided a nourishing meal.  The morning session students will be provided breakfast and the afternoon session students will be provided lunch.  They will be served a wide variety of foods.  Please tell the supervising teacher if your child is allergic to any foods.  They will learn where food comes from and what good it does for their body.  They will prepare some foods in the classroom.  Parents can help with the serving of the snacks by helping set tables and serving the snacks.




  1. Walk inside the classroom.
  2. Use inside voices.
  3. When you are angry, use words instead of hitting.
  4. Keep your hands to yourself.
  5. Wear shoes at school.  Please dress children in appropriate clothing for messy art activities.
  6. Take good care of our equipment.
  7. Keep our bathrooms clean.
  8. No toys  unless it is Show-N-Tell day.
  9. No food unless there is enough for everyone.



  1. Stay seated in your space during mealtime.
  2. Remember to use your good manners.
  3. Take care of your own messes.
  4. Follow crosswalk rules



  1. Swing on your bottom.                                                                                                                             6
  2. Slide (one at a time) on your bottom, feet first.
  3. Stay inside the gates.
  4. Keep the bicycle on the cement and ride in one direction.
  5. Do not throw sand.
  6. Only throw things meant for throwing.





The program adheres to positive discipline practices.  Discipline guidelines are established for the well-being and social development of all students.  Children are expected to 1) show courtesy and respect for themselves and other people; 2) show respect for school property and the property of others; and 3) listen attentively to staff members and follow their directions.


School rules regarding general conduct and use of playground equipment will apply.  Normal discipline practices for poor behavior will include time out or loss of privileges.


More serious problems may result in 1) parent conference, 2) referral to program supervisor and/or coordinator, 3) temporary suspension from the program, 4) parent’s attendance during program activity or 5) dismissal from the program.


If a child’s behavior continually disrupts program activities, then it is assumed that this placement is not in the child’s best interest and either he/she will be dropped from the program or a proper referral will be made.



Child Care staff members as well as parents are required by law to report child abuse or suspected child abuse.  The proper procedure to follow is available.  Please ask if you need assistance in this area.



Applications for enrollment in the program are available at the school site.  Eligible children will be enrolled regardless of race, sex, creed, color, national origin, or any other reason.  We welcome the enrollment of children with disabilities and other special needs.  Parents will need to show proof of income, a birth certificate, an immunization record and a physical at the time of registration.



All general education students, who attend Laton Preschool, must be potty trained before they will be admitted into the preschool program. 



  1. State Guidelines mandate that children enrolled in the preschool program must be eligible under the State Preschool Guidelines.  The Laton Unified School District shall comply with this requirement.  If parents have any questions about this requirement, or exceptions to this requirement, they should contact the preschool secretary.


  1. The total family income to be used in determining the eligibility of new children in the program should be based on the current calendar year, or the 12 months previous to enrollment.  Parents will be required to provide verification of income by presenting to the office income verification that shall include examination of any of the following:  Individual Income Tax Form 1040, W-2 forms, pay stubs, pay envelopes, or written statements from employers.


To adhere to the requirements of documentation of family income, a Family Income Verification form will be attached to the enrollment application certifying the income. 



Parents shall be required to show proof that the child has received State Law required Immunizations and that they are completed or up to date according to the child’s age.  Immunizations shall be verified by submitting child’s immunization record received from either a Health Clinic or Physician.


Parents shall be required to sign a statement acknowledging and consenting to service requirements as outlined in the Health Policy Agreement section of the Laton Unified School District Agreement Form.


  1. Once a child is admitted into the program, during a school year, he/she remains eligible for the program as long as the child maintains satisfactory attendance.  If at any time a child is absent for more than 3 days in a row for reasons other than those deemed as excused, he/she would be terminated from the program.  The only exception would be for a diagnosed handicap child according to SELPA guidelines.



  1. The program is for children, ages 3 to 5, but extenuating circumstances may require a child to remain in the program beyond the age of 5.  In such cases, the elementary school principal, supervising teacher, preschool director, and district administrator will review the case.  Extension beyond the age of 5 will require both school district and parent approval.


  1. Children ages 4 to 5 years who will be entering kindergarten or elementary school for the first time in the Fall and who are not repeats shall be given first priority.


  1. Children, ages 3 to 3 ¾, may be accepted if space is available after the above requirements have been met.


D. Parents shall be required to provide proof of the child’s age by verification of a birth certificate or         

     baptismal record.



Staff shall be highly sensitive to its obligation not to interfere with the philosophical/religious development of each student, in whatever tradition the student embraces.  School-sponsored programs should not be, nor have the effect of being, religiously oriented or a religious celebration.  The Laton Preschool program refrains from religious instruction and worship.  Instruction which is contrary to a student’s religious beliefs and teaching may be optional for that student, in accordance with the Education Code or at the discretion of the Superintendent or designee. 



    1. Bus driver is in charge and responsible for children.
    2. Stay sitting in you seat, no standing.
    3. No eating, drinking, or gum on the bus.
    4. Keep head and arms inside the bus at all times.
    5. Adult must put child on the bus for pick-up.  An authorized adult, 18 or older, must pick up child at their bus stop at the drop-off time.
    6. No toys on the bus.  Show-N-Tell items must be in backpack or closed container and may not be taken out until they are at school.
    7. If your child does not follow the Southwest bus rules disciplinary action will include:

1st Citation:  Written note to parent

2nd Citation:  Loss of privilege for minimum of one day

3rd Citation:  Loss of privilege for minimum of three days

4th Citation:  Loss of privilege for minimum of ten days

5th Citation:  Loss of bus privilege pending conference with Administration, Parents, Southwest                                  and teachers.





Child’s Name: ______________________________________ Birth date: _______________




_____ I agree to provide all the verification and documentation required to maintain my eligibility for recertification.


_____ I agree to notify the center whenever there is a change of status in income, employment, training, incapacity, 

           number in the family unit, or any other change that may affect my eligibility.


_____ I agree my child will attend the program five (5) days per week from _____to_____.


_____ I will notify the center by 8:00 a.m. when my child will be absent and will indicate a clear reason for absence.      


_____ I agree to sign-in and sign-out my child everyday as required by the program.


_____ I understand the only excused absences are:

    1. Illness of the child or parent.
    2. Quarantine of the child or parent.
    3. Family emergency requiring the parent and therefore the child.
    4. Court ordered visitation or a reason, which is clearly in the best interest of the child.  *Except for the children referred for protective services excused absences in the best interest of the child are limited to ten (10) days per year.


_____ I understand that all other absences, not listed above, are “unexcused absences”.


_____ I understand that my child might be terminated from the program for persistent absences.


_____ I understand that basic services include preschool education, food service, and parent education.


_____ I agree to attend Parent-Teacher conferences regarding my child’s progress or notify my child’s teacher if I am not

           able to attend.


_____ I agree to allow center staff to make home visits at my convenience.


_____ I understand that all records maintained on my child and family are available to me for inspection and I have the

           right to correct any information I feel is incorrect.  I also understand that all records pertaining to my child and

           family will remain strictly confidential.




_____ In accordance with the State of California legal requirements, I will provide written proof, that my child has had a

           physical examination by family doctor or clinic and that all necessary immunizations are up-to-date before my

           child’s entry into the Laton Preschool Program.




_____ I give permission for my child to participate in all health activities in which, developmental language, speech,

           vision, hearing, dental, mental, nutritional, and physical screenings are given or observations made as part of the

           school program (at no cost to the parent).


_____ I give my consent to have my child’s picture taken to be used in any media that promotes community

            understanding of my child’s educational program.


_____ I give permission for my child to participate in ALL Local District/School approved trips for this school

           year.  A notice indicating the date and destination of the trip will be sent home prior to each trip.  We will

           have supervision at all times and we ask your assistance in encouraging your child’s cooperation.  Transportation

           may be walking, school bus, or private auto.                                                                                                                           9





Helping in the Classroom  Field Trips

Telling a Story    Teaching a Song or Game

Helping With Food Experience  Preparing Meals

Holiday Activities   Fund Raising Activities


 Exceptions or comments that need to be considered: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




    1. The Department of licensing agency shall have the authority to interview children or staff; and to inspect and audit childcare or facility records without prior consent.


    1. The licensee (Center) shall make provisions for private interviews with any child(ren), or any     

staff member and for the examination of all records relating to the operation of the facility.


    1. The Department or licensing agency shall have the authority to observe the physical condition of the

       child(ren), including conditions which could indicate abuse, neglect, or inappropriate placement, and to  

       have a licensed medical professional physically examine the child(ren).


_____ This authorization is effective during the time my child is enrolled in Laton’s Preschool Education Program

            (unless canceled).


________________________________________________________  _____________________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian                                                                                      Date



Signature of Staff Member Explaining Agreement




Laton Unified School District


6045 Mt. Whitney

P. O. Box 248

Laton, CA 93242

(559) 922-4075




Parent Agreement to Transfer Student Records




I acknowledge that upon exiting this preschool, my child’s record (medical, academic, assessments) will be transferred to the school at which he/she will next enroll, unless I provide a written statement requesting the program to do otherwise. 



Child’s Name:_______________________________________________________


Current Preschool Site:_____________ Laton Preschool _________________


Name of Parent/Guardian (please print):_________________



Signature of Parent/Guardian:___________________________Date:_______________
















I have received a copy of the Laton Preschool Parents’ Handbook.






Child’s Name




_________________________________  _________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian   Date