Welcome to Laton Elementary School.  We are pleased to introduce members of our staff!


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Dennis DuCharme, Principal

Email - dducharme@latonunified.org


Vacant, Bilingual Coordinator

Email - vacant@latonunified.org

Venessa Alfaro, Teacher - Grade 3

Email - valfaro@latonunified.org

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Courtney Auyong, Teacher - Grade 3

Email - cauyong@latonunified.org

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Karen Bargamian, Teacher - Transition Kindergarten

Email - kbargamian@latonunified.org


Denise Bedoian, Teacher - Special Education

Email - dbedoian@latonunified.org

Patricia Carmona, Teacher -  Grade 5

Email - pcarmona@latonunified.org

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William Davies, Teacher - Grade 4

Email - wdavies@latonunified.org


Tina Howe, Teacher - Grade 5

Email - thowe@latonunified.org

Cathy Enget-Sheldon, Teacher - Grade 2

Email - csheldon@latonunified.org


Suzanne Perez, Teacher - Grade 1

Email - sperez@latonunified.org

Jodi Holland, Teacher - Grade 2

Email - jholland@latonunified.org


Ana Mendoza, Teacher - Grade 2

Email - amendoza@latonunified.org


Lemuel Gary, Teacher - Grade 4

Email - lgary@latonunified.org


Perla Solis, Teacher - Kindergarten

Email - psolis@latonunified.org

Ana Ohnesorgen, Teacher - Grade 4

Email - aohnesorgen@latonunified.org

Charyl-Lynn Osterland, Teacher -  Reading RTI

Email - costerland@latonunified.org

Pipes_Brenda 1.jpg

Brenda Pipes, Teacher - Grade 1

Email - bpipes@latonunified.org


Paula Rios, Teacher - Grade 3

Email - prios@latonunified.org

Esmeralda Arcos, Teacher - Grade 2

Email - earcos@latonunified.org


Vanessa Werst, Teacher - Kindergarten

Email - vwerst@latonunified.org



Rosa Navarro, Teacher - Grade 5

Email - rnavarro@latonunified.org


Xochitl Cortez, Principal Secretary

Email - xcortez@latonunified.org



Linda Nanez, Special Education Clerk

Email - lnanez@latonunified.org



Micaela Pech, Bilingual Clerk

Email - mpech@latonunified.org



Veronica Medina, Bilingual Clerk

Email - vmedina@latonunified.org



Heather Allen, Licensed Vocational Nurse

Email - hallen@latonunified.org