Welcome to Laton High School.  We are pleased to introduce members of our staff!


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Lupe Nieves, Principal

Email - lnieves@latonunified.org

Principal's Message


Cristina Soto, Academic Counselor

Email - csoto@latonunified.org

Counselor's Corner


Jeff Torosian, Teacher - Social Studies

Email - jtorosian@latonunified.org


Codee Bontrager, Teacher - Ag Science & FFA Advisor

Email - cbontrager@latonunified.org

Alex Lopez, Teacher - Math

Email - alopez@latonunified.org

My Website 


Kristi Martin, Teacher - Technology

Email - kmartinlatonunified.org

Theresa Mainer, Teacher - Special Education

Email - tmainer@latonunified.org


Toushulong Vang, Teacher - Science & FFA Advisor

Email - tvang@latonunified.org


Yanet Parra, Teacher - Spanish

Email - yparra@latonunified.org


Dustin Newby, Teacher - Woodshop, Metal Fabrication, & FFA Advisor

Email - dnewby@latonunified.org

Kresta Klassen, Teacher - Language Arts & Drama

Email - kklassen@latonunified.org


Brian Qualls, Teacher - Visual Arts, English, & Art History

Email - bqualls@latonunified.org


Ambar Rodriguez, Teacher - Social Studies

Email - arodriguez@latonunified.org


Travis Bernard, Teacher - Physical Education & Athletic Director

Sports News

Email - tbernard@latonunified.org

Tim Ryan, Teacher - English

Email - tryan@latonunified.org


Jennifer Carnes, Teacher - Advanced Math

Email - jcarnes@latonunified.org

Debbie Lee, Principal Secretary

Email - dlee@latonunified.org


MaryAnn Espinoza, Bilingual Clerk

Email - mespinoza@latonunified.org


Griselda Zuniga, Bilingual Clerk & Preschool Secretary

Email - gzuniga@latonunified.org